Our Offer

The current business environment is characterized by rapid change, requiring organizations to be increasingly flexible and innovative. Executives in successful companies are creating and sustaining corporate cultures that emphasize commitment to results, teamwork, and an open style of communication. Teams, whether cross-functional or functional, are a major force in today’s organizations; solid competence in team leadership is a critical lever for success.

Our commitment is to impact and enhance your organization's ability to form and lead the high performing teams that are essential for your success. We coach leaders and their teams to develop new practices for increasing collaboration, trust, and productivity. As these teams flourish, they foster a culture that is defined by partnership and personal accountability for results. We promise and deliver increases in customer satisfaction and profit.

We define a high performing team as one that produces its mission profitably and generates internal and external customer satisfaction consistently. Teamwork means effective conversations with each other and with the customer -- in team meetings, in requests and promises to each other, in project review meetings with the customer and in brain-storming sessions. Accomplishing this requires people working together in a common mood of trust and ambition. Effective teamwork calls for two diverse skills: an ability to speculate and invent, and a competence for generating and managing action and commitments. Our coaching brings forth embodied competence in these and other essential areas.

We introduce a simple and powerful methodology for team leadership that develops a bias for accountability as well as skills for building trust, speculating together, and generating action. Competence develops as team members practice new conversational and operational strategies for success with the customer and with each other.

The result: an effective new style of rigorous yet flexible communication and teamwork, evidenced by increases in productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Coaching Services

Team Coaching

Our coaching programs are all custom tailored, mobilizing your commitment to develop a team-based culture of accountability and trust. Each offers a structure for producing desired change, including thoughtful introduction of new principles for working together, “hands-on” practical work sessions, and comprehensive follow-up coaching to produce lasting learning and change.

Each program takes place over approximately six months, and typically includes the following elements:

    Phase 1: Assessment

    • Interviews of your team and its customers and other key members of the organization
    • Presentation of our interpretation of your team’s strengths and areas for learning

    Phase 2: Coaching

    • Opening conferences for introducing new distinctions and practices
    • Follow-up coaching for key individuals
    • Mid-program meetings to assess learning and ensure embodiment of new competence
    • Completion meeting

Executive Coaching

We are also available to work with individuals, outside of a team program, to produce a shift in style and performance. Typically clients seek coaching to enhance a valued executive’s management skills, or to groom him/her for a promotion or new assignment. Often we are asked to develop a person’s leadership presence to complement his/her intellectual ability. These engagements generally call for a series of meetings over several months.