Our Team

Lisa Layne is the President of The Layne Group, a collaborative team of leadership and management coaches. Our focus is to increase business profitability by designing and building cultures of accountability and collaboration. This work is broadly defined as the development of people, teams, processes, and coherent work practices. The Layne Group has worked with executive teams in the United States and internationally in an array of industries, including manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, healthcare, service, and high technology. Lisa’s expertise is in coaching leaders to develop moods of ambition, trust, and contribution on their teams and throughout their organizations.

The Layne Group’s clients include: America Online, AT&T, Cisco Systems, TransAlta Corporation, Polaroid, Federal National Mortgage Association (Freddie Mac), University of California, Signet Bank, Cargill, Nth Power, and the Packard Foundation.

Lisa has thirty years of experience in management, training, and organizational development. She completed her undergraduate work at University of San Francisco, earning a bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior. She has completed graduate training in management and organization design and was associated with Dr. Fernando Flores and Business Design Associates. She is certified as a business process analyst by Action Technologies, a pioneer in workflow design and automation. Lisa lives Larkspur, California with her husband and son.

Charles Carter is a Senior Coach with The Layne Group. He has thirty years of experience in management and design, including ten years as a coach. His coaching clients have included individual contributors, and management staff in finance, manufacturing operations, quality, design, and human resources. He has worked as a coach and organizational development consultant in both large and small enterprises, including Capital One, AT&T, Cisco Systems, and the award winning Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Charles’ varied experience allows him to quickly establish relationships of trust, make good needs assessments, and design successful, customized coaching programs. He coaches from the language-in-action, accountability model of human organizations. His expertise is in building competence in management, leadership, and teamwork by developing an environment of trust, relationship, impeccable coordination, and commitment to customer concerns.

Charles holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco and has completed advanced course work in the philosophy of management, action, and language, as well as advanced course work in professional coaching.

He lives in Monterey, California.

Sue Staker is a Senior Coach with The Layne Group. Her focus in on the leadership of change, including developing competence to strengthen relationships intentionally as the foundation for building sustainable excellence throughout teams and organizations. She brings extensive experience in the design and implementation of business processes and technologies, from alignment with business strategies to detailed information technology requirements.

Sue has over twenty years of experience in business, including ten years as a consultant in leadership and organization development. Her education includes extensive study in the foundations of human interaction, and training with Business Design Associates, Action Technologies, The Leadership Institute of Seattle, and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technologies, where she was also an instructor.

Sue lives near Grass Valley in the Sierra foothills of California.

Peter Yaholkovsky is a Senior Coach with The Layne Group. He specializes in coaching managers and executives in coordination and process design. He works with individuals, teams, and interdepartmentally to increase customer satisfaction and productivity.

Peter has twenty years of experience in coaching and process design. He worked as a consultant for Business Design Associates, conducting engagements for cultural change, coordination and process design. Peter also served as director of training at Action Technologies, a leader in workflow-enabled software systems. His work as a consultant and coach at companies in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe has been in a broad spectrum of industries, including utilities, finance, education, government, and high-tech.

Peter completed his undergraduate work at Stanford University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He subsequently earned his M.D. at University of California at Davis, and practiced medicine in San Jose for ten years.

Peter lives in the Sierra foothills above Sacramento, California.